Our laboratory has instruments for preparation, pressing and final finishing of metallographic samples. We use a metallographic microscope for analysis.

  1.    We analyze the structure of material composition after heat treatment.
  2.    We analyze surface defects and internal defects of materials.
  3.    We measure the thickness of surface finish layers.
  4.    We use a Spectra instrument to analyze the chemical composition of materials.

Mechanical Testing Laboratory:

Instruments for non-destructive and destructive testing.

  1.    We perform hardness tests and tensile tests of input materials and finished products.


Final Inspection:

This workplace performs final inspection of products before they are packed and dispatched. Final inspection comprises:

  1.    Dimensional inspection of products
  2.    Mechanical testing
  3.    Inspection of surface finish treatment

Our Inspection and Metrology Centre tests and calibrates all measuring instruments and gauges in the company.

Inspection Certificates or other relevant documents are issued on the basis of the final inspection.