Hot-Forging Technology

  1. Principle - enables us to manufacture parts productively with a complex shape while using materials of higher mechanical properties. This technology is more effective than Cold-Formed Technology especially when producing smaller quantities.
  2. Our Advantage - regarding the machinery and technological accessories, our company specializes in production of axially symmetrical parts and is able to respond to quickly changing requirements of a customer within a short period of time.
  3. Machinery - our company is tooled with specialized and high-powered forging machines making us a competitive player in the market.


Cold-Forging Technology

  1. Parts of our several products are cold-forged, the other cold-forged products are imported by our Importing Division Šroubárna Ždánice, a.s.



     Our fasteners are manufactured from Structual Steel and Alloy Steel with mechanical properties from Grade 4.6 to 12.9.

Surface treatment

We offer Plain products or with Surface Treatment such as:

  1. Phosphatizing
  2. Galvanizing with Yellow/Blue Chromate or with Thick-Layer Passivation without Hexavalent Chrome
  3. Hot-Dip Galvanizing nanášené ponorem nebo ze zinkových mikrolamel