The group of companies TZ / MS

TRINECKE ZELEZARNY, joint stock company (further just "TZ"), located in the town of Trinec, belong to the industrial companies with the longest tradition of iron and steel making in the Czech Republic. The company was established in 1839 by the Chamber of Tesin and during the long history became one of the most significant metallurgical complexes in former Czechoslovakia as well as in The Czech Republic later on. Nowadays, TZ is the most important subsidiary company of MORAVIA STEEL, joint stock company (further just "MS") and the biggest Czech iron works with domestic capital. The production of coke, pig iron and subsequently of the rolled materials together with processing of the adjoining products, create together a complex and closed iron and steel production cycle. TZ makes one third of the total Czech annual steel production volume.

Quality, mostly converter steel, is being rolled in four rolling mills in Trinec and one in Bohumin into a wide portfolio of mostly long products. The basic production program of TZ covers the categories of wire, reinforcing bars and profiled steel, special bars, rails, wide forms of flat steel and semi-finished metallurgical products.

The tube mill in Ostrava - Vitkovice and the billet mill in Kladno are supplied with the semis and belong to the group of companies TZ - MS. Amongst the other important plants from the group TZ - MS, which add value to the products of TZ or provide for the group their services and products, belong also Energetika Trinec (energies) ||, Strojirny Trinec (machinery) ||, Slevarny Trinec (foundries) ||, Refrasil (production of refractory materials) || and Doprava TZ (transport), situated in Trinec, Retezarna (chain mill) || in Ceska Ves and drawing mill Ferromoravia, s.r.o. in Stare Mesto u Uherskeho Hradiste ||, VUHZ || in Dobra (automation technique) and MATERIALOVY A METALURGICKY VYZKUM ||, in Ostrava (research and development), Šroubarna Kyjov, spol. s r. o., || producer of fasteners for railways and engineering industry.

Within its existence era, TZ has produced 150 million tons of steel and steel products, which traditionally find its application not only on the domestic market, but also at the customers worldwide. In the last years, more or less half of the products, marked with the company label of three hammers in a circle, end up in more than 50 countries of the World.