Company history

Šroubárna Kyjov was founded in 1950 and has since grown to become a distinguished manufacturer of fasteners.
In 1991, the company was privatized and started to focus on foreign markets, which is today represented by more than 80 percent of its production going to export.
In 1997, the company was sold to a new owner. In subsequent years, the company was completely restructured. The number of employees was reduced and the production of some commodities was suspended with regard to the market situation. Our stronger focus on the area of rail fasteners - especially sleeper screws - led to our technological development and to gradual replacement of our production machinery with new advanced machines.
In 2008, Šroubárna Kyjov became a member of TŽ-MS Group (more about the Group at
In 2008, the company modernized and started producing forgings for bearing rings, mostly from 100Cr6 bearing steel. For this purpose, the company purchased new customized machines from the Japanese company Sakamura.