Integrated management system policy

Policy of quality, environmental protection and energy management in Šroubárna Kyjov

        As part of the company's business strategy, the management of Šroubárna Kyjov, spol. s r. o. sets the following Policy of quality, environmental protection and energy management: The key business activity of Šroubárna Kyjov, spol. s r. o. is the manufacture and sale of fasteners (especially for railways), forgings of bearing rings and cams, and machined bearing rings for the automotive industry. Continuous improvement of quality, reduced environmental impact, employee safety and health care, optimized energy management with lower energy demands, these are all an integral part of our company's business activities. This Policy of quality, environmental protection and energy management is defined in the context of our social responsibility to all the interested parties and our pursuit of sustainable development.

A. Partnership

        Our main goal is to maintain and strengthen our position as one of Europe's leading manufacturers of rail fasteners. We supply our products to new projects all over the world and we cooperate closely with our customers to develop and design new rail fastening systems.
        Our most important customers include companies in the automotive supply chain. Their satisfaction is a key factor in the forming of our strategy, goals, development and continuous improvement of our company. Our aim is to supply 100% of deliveries without delays and production defects.
        We maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our core suppliers in order to ensure the reliability of our production processes and the quality of our products. We make use of the experience of all members of the TŽ-MS Group, their production assets, technological resources, research facilities and know-how.
        This Policy of quality, environmental protection and energy management is in line with the principles set out in the Policy and goals of quality, environment and occupational safety and health of the TŽ-MS Group.

B. Technology

        All of our company's employees are committed to fulfilling current and future customer requirements and to exceeding customer expectations. In order to meet the requirements of the automotive supply chain, we have implemented production processes with the aim of assuring zero-defect conditions.
       The company achieves continuous improvement in product quality by optimizing and continually improving all of its processes and activities, using project management methods and teamwork at all levels of management.
       Our company focuses on improving the quality of our products, increasing productivity, introducing new products and new manufacturing technologies. Raw materials, resources and energy are used as effectively as possible. Waste generation is reduced and the share of recovered waste is increased in order to minimize the impact of possible accidents on the health and life of people, on the environment and on property.
        The company's main objectives include continuous reduction of energy consumption of all processes, machines, equipment and buildings.

C. People

        Increasing the intellectual capital, qualifications, knowledge and skills of all of our employees is the main focus of our human resource management approach. Our employee training and education system takes into account the needs of existing and upcoming development projects. We also minimize undesirable turnover of employees.
        We apply the principles of systematic approach to management in order to create an environment where all employees are fully involved in achieving the company's goals.
        The company is committed to raising the employees' personal awareness and responsibility for product quality, as well as for occupational and environmental protection. We apply the principles of environmental protection in all our management processes and we motivate all of our employees. This allows us to continuously improve the quality of the environment, reduce the environmental impact of our technologies and products, reduce our energy consumption, and prevent environmental pollution.

D. Management

        Our company's top managers play a decisive role in the system of quality management, environmental protection and energy management, transferring an appropriate share of responsibility to all levels of management in the company.
The top management supports the fulfilment of principles defined in the Corporate social responsibility report and in the company's Code of ethics. In our production processes and support processes, we reinforce the principles of complex process approach with a focus on prevention. This approach - in conjunction with integrated project management and teamwork at all levels - is the basis for continuous improvement of all our management systems. The company's ongoing objective is to continuously improve and raise the efficiency of our quality management system, our environmental management system and our energy management system. Our decision-making is based on measurable facts, analyses, available information, reviews and practical experience of our skilled employees.
        We prefer the purchase of energy-efficient equipment, products and services. We support proposals to reduce energy consumption of all our production processes, support processes and activities.
In the areas of quality, occupational safety and health, energy management and environmental protection, the company's management undertakes to strictly comply with the requirements of all relevant legal and other regulations and binding obligations related to the company's activities.

        The management of Šroubárna Kyjov, spol. s r.o. undertakes to implement this Policy of quality, environmental protection and energy management, and to support its implementation through the allocation of sufficient human, material, financial and information resources.


Kyjov, January 9, 2020