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Company Culture

If we want our hard work to lead to success, it is advisable to share the common values which are at its core. In Šroubárna Kyjov, we implement progressive approaches to everyday work tasks. The purpose of our open and friendly company culture is to develop employee initiative, to enhance employee knowledge and skills, to lead to significant innovations and to continuous improvement.

And what are our values?

  • Talk openly and comprehensibly to everyone. Communicate.
  • Keep your word. Be consistent in keeping your agreements.
  • Contribute to teamwork.
  • Every workplace which is after you in the workflow is your customer.
  • Come up with new ideas, improvements and innovations.
  • Mistakes are tolerated on the path to innovation.
  • We will support you in education and personal growth.
  • Your workplace is your business card.

Human Resource Management

The aim of our human resource management system is to develop human capital and to maintain social stability. We believe that efficient, reliable, loyal and professionally skilled employees will allow us to achieve the strategic aims of our company.

In order to work with a stable team of qualified employees, we are interested in the best specialists in the industry. This approach to human resource management is manifested for example by working actively with high school graduates, to whom we offer internships. We help university students obtain information for their theses, we regularly offer paid summer jobs to students, etc.