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Audit of the integrated system of management

Re-certification audits of the integrated system of management were successfully completed in Šroubárna Kyjov

On May 14-16, 2018 the certification company Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Prague (LRQA) conducted re-certification audits of the integrated management system in Šroubárna Kyjov, spol. s r. o.

       Management systems develop continuously, which has led to the need to unify the principles and requirements of all management systems. Newly issued quality standards and environmental protection standards have the same structure and the same order of chapters. An energy management standard is expected to be introduced soon, in the same vein as the standards mentioned above. New requirements have been included in the revised standards, in particular in the areas of risk management, overall organizational context, customer focus, and - last but not least - emphasis is placed on responsible management by the company's top managers.

       The company's quality management system was audited according to the ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 standards with a focus on production processes and deliveries to the automotive industry, especially forgings of bearing rings and cams, and machined bearing rings. The audit looked at the overall efficiency and improvement of management systems and at the fulfilment of specific customer requirements.

       The aim of the re-certification quality audit was to assess the implementation of the company's management system. The assessment was based on the outcomes of planning, on the system's compliance with the requirements of IATF 16949, and on the system's compliance with specific customer requirements, especially in the area of supplies to the automotive industry. The audit focused especially on assessing the degree of implementation and fulfilment of new production requirements in the automotive industry.

       The audit conclusions show that the company's QMS can be considered effective. By monitoring and evaluating key process parameters and by adopting corrective measures and improvements, the company successfully achieves set objectives. Some minor non-conformities were identified in the course of the audit. In case they are remedied by the set deadline and corrective measures are taken to prevent their recurrence, the functionality of the QMS is confirmed by the issue of an IATF 16949 certificate.

       The aim of the joint audit according to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 was to review the company's approach to improving and protecting the environment and to improvingenergy management.The re-certification audit was thematically focused on improving the environmental performance and energy efficiency of all the company's major production processes and support processes, especially in terms of monitoring and evaluating the material intensity and energy intensity of production. The auditors Mr. Jiří Welszar and Mr. Jindřich Vincek positively evaluated, among other things, the management of hazardous chemicals, the improving care of infrastructure, and the ever-increasing expertise of the middle management in the area of environmental protection and energy management.

       The audit of the Environmental Management System (EMS) and the Energy Management System (EnMS) has confirmed that environmental requirements and energy requirements are being met; in this respect the EMS and the EnMS of Šroubárna Kyjov are efficient and the management system certificates have been extended for another three-year period.

       In their final assessment, the auditors Mr. Juraj Kliment and Mrs. Václava Vurmová emphasized especially the interconnection of production processes and support processes, including material purchasing, material identification, planning, production, packaging, shipping to customers, monitoring of key process parameters, and positive trends of improvement. They also appreciated the overall discipline and cleanliness in the company, modernization of key production facilities, visualization of results at workplaces, use of SAP and ELVIS information systems, and the high level of expertise and professionalism of employees participating in the production and supply of products to the automotive industry.

       Suggestions, proposals and recommendations for improvement were also identified and discussed during the audit; they will be included in a program to further improve the company's activities. Essential recommendations were made for even more intensive uses of electronic tools to support process management. Improvement measures were also identified to support innovation in the company, to use risk analysis, and to implement risk management in emergency plans.

       On this occasion, on behalf of the entire management of Šroubárna Kyjov, I would like to thank all our employees who actively participated in the preparations for audits of our integrated management system which were conducted by LRQA Praha. I would also like to thank you all for your commitment in the long term to meeting the requirements defined in our management system standards, as well as to meeting specific customer requirements.

June 22, 2018
Rudolf Nesvadba
Management representative for the integrated system of management
Šroubárna Kyjov, spol. s r. o.