Sroubarna Kyjov was established in 1950 and we have gained a position of significant producers of fasteners since the time.
The company was privatized in 1991 and began to concentrate on foreign markets, which represents 80% share of exports.
In 1997 the company was sold to new owners. In following years overall restructuring of the company was made and the number of employees was reduced. The arrangement of manufacturing programme by limitation of some commodities was made with regard to business situation. Regarding more intensive focus on the customers in railway´s area was made progress and gradational variation of manufacturing equipment to machines with higher technical performance.
Sroubarna Kyjov has belonged to group Trinecke zelezarny/Moravia STEEL (TZ/MS) since 2008.
In 2008 Sroubarna Kyjov has modernazed and extended the production of bearing rings by hot forging made of 100Cr6 steel. For this purpose the company acquire a new special machinery from Japanese company Sakamura.